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Karen Tongson takes us on a wild ride to the hinterlands, the inner empires and the disturbing yet vital ‘burbs.’ She skillfully re-routes well-trodden tales of white flight and gay migration and deftly navigates the theoretical freeways to trace the emergence, lives and furtive affective and creative aspirations of queer of color cultures and communities in what have been long been considered the spatial edge of American social life. Relocations is fierce, eloquent and compelling.”



Each copy of this limited run edition of Migrant Musicians: Filipino Entertainers and the Work of Music Making (150 total) is a beautiful art object: The covers were printed on a hand-fed, hand-cranked Vandercook letterpress at the Horse & Buggy Press studio in Durham, North Carolina, and the inner pages—digitally printed to provide high quality text and color images—are then hand bound using linen thread. All proceeds go towards sustaining CA+T's cultural and educational missions.